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    Rako logoOur preferred product is Rako, it has been established since 2002 and is a british company therefore offering a good reliable service. At AEC we have members of our team who have been trained with Rako and therefore they have a very thorough product knowledge of what they have to offer.

    With Rako you can use wireless for existing lighting circuits and convert them to mood lighting.

    Rako padThere is a wired version also and this can also be combined with the wireless and both products can be used.

    With the bridge we can control the lighting via smart phone, iPhone, tab, iPad etc and also with the other systems on the market the heating, music and other services can all be controlled in one convenient place.

    Rako keypadDocking stations can be added so that iPads can be wall mounted for charging and ease of access.

    With the timed bridge lights can be programmed to come on and off at certain times and levels to best suit the clients needs and a holiday mode can be used when the client goes away to make the property appear that someone is still present in the house.

    With our electrical background and AV background we can integrate the systems very easily offering the consumer peace of mind and ease by only having to employ one contractor to take care of the whole package.

    The system is very intelligent and offers the user so much functionality, please call to discuss your needs and projects you may have.